Saturday, April 2, 2011

LOve LeTteR

*Are you doing okay?
Aren’t you sick?
I’m becoming worried of you being without me
I hope you eat well even if you’re busy
Bundle up when it gets cold
Live your life bravely and do not cry

One day of year 2009
I held a pen suddenly thinking of you
Who do you call when you’re scared to walk alone at night?
I write a letter I can’t send
Are you eating well on your own?

I’m worrying today too
I write a letter I can’t send
I care about you, I think about you
Even though I know I can’t be like this
Today I’m only thinking about you
I’m worrying about you all day long
I write my feeling that can’t reach you

Are you doing okay?..

I worry too much, right?
This talking is too much, right?
I’m nagging you like a habit
The image of you full of tears
Keeps appearing in my eyes

Seeing it, days aren’t easy

Are you doing okay?

Why didn’t I know back then how precious you are?
Why was I so dull when love came and when it left I look for it again?
I didn’t realize when you were next to me
Because I was a foolish guy
Because I was a stupid guy

I understood after you left
I made it hard for you and hurt you a lot, right?
I am really sorry
I’ll let you go now

Meet a good guy
I hope you live happily
I believe you will do good as I know you will
Your always smiling picture
I don’t want to stain it with my tears
Today too, just like that, I will only smile

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