Friday, June 24, 2011

Are you sorry that you must Asbury won

Are you sorry that you must
Asbury won

I'm sorry, are you did you should be sorry
Neolsaranghage doebeoringeol
I love you too hard
Knowing you've got to
Still have yet to send a
If you understand a college
You can come meet some
Forgive me a little longer

Say no is not
You also had my eyes covered
And with ahpahamyeo
Was happy to live with it, too

I do not have to listen to binaural and damakah
Always talked to me
If not cleared
So now I'd love to love
That is not even going to say no You were my eyes
And with ahpahamyeo
It was also happy to live alone ....

That is not even covered the eye, you say no
Was he the ahpahamyeo with
Was happy to live with it, too.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Under Renovate "My Daihatsu Mira Part 3"= sendiri wat(Colour Pink Myvi 2K)

Soryyy lmbt sejk akhr2 ni..heheeee ni larh hasilnya kitty belaan aku..hohoooo
x larh comel sngt pun sesedap dpt naik jaaa....

lg skali aku mintak maaf sbb aku amek pic ni x gna DSLR,heheee,so pic x cUn.hohooo pkai fon sja meh